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Treeannsea Desert Rose Cream 50g, korean skincare

Treeannsea Desert Rose Cream 50g, korean skincare

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🌹[Product characteristics]

It contains 50% of desert rose ingredients that have excellent moisture supply and calming effects, and boasts strong moisturizing power and fresh use.

🌹[Product effect]
1. natural plant ingredients
It's a serum that contains the original ingredients of the desert rose, and it restores the natural glow of the skin
It gives you a moist softness that fills uplifts your skin
2. Moisturizing power
It forms a layer of moisture on the surface of the skin, so it keeps the moisture for a long time
It has a moisture-filled texture and delivers moisture without being shiny or stuffy.
3. NO purified water
Contains desert roses and damask roses to give skin vitality.
4. Whitening Wrinkle Dual Functionality

🌹[Characteristics of ingredients]
Cream with Oasis in the Desert!
Adenium obesum extract, a key ingredient of Tree&C Desert Cream, is called Desert Rose Flower, and it concentrates moisture and moisture deep into the skin through the TSPL-II liposome layer prescription developed by Tree&C researchers to make it clear.

Desert Rose Extract - Skin Nutrition. Moisturizing
Vegetable Scualan - Skin Pulling Relief
Meadow Foam Seed Oil - Skin Oxidation Prevention.Prevention of water loss.Skin moisturizing
Niacinamide - Whitening Effect
Adenosine - Wrinkle Improvement

🌹[Product details]

Skin Type - All Skin  Usage - Quick Absorption / Moist / Nonsticky
Color – White  Formulation – Cream   Scent – subtle flower scent

Coverage – Last step of skin care in the morning and evening / If your skin is unusually rough and sagging, use it as a night cream with twice the amount you normally use

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