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Treeannsea Madagascar Tamanu Oil 30ml / 100%

Treeannsea Madagascar Tamanu Oil 30ml / 100%

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[Product characteristics]

100% pure unrefined tamanu oil obtained by cold compression extraction from Madagascar tamanu (Hodong seed) fruit.

[Product effect]
1. Soothing and alleviating skin 2. Containing "natural nonsteroidal ingredients" allows for side effects-free trouble care 3. Suitable for skin care 4. Effective in quickly improving problematic skin problems 5. Quick absorption without residual sensation
6. Face oil that doesn't block pores (EWG GREEN)

[Characteristics of ingredients]

*Tamanu Oil [Calophyllum inophyllum] - Hodong Seed Oil 100%

It has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids and is an ideal structure for quickly absorbing into the skin with a similar content of oleic acid and linoleic acid, and has a great effect on relieving skin trouble and especially spot where trouble has passed, pigmentation, and freckles.

[Product details]
Skin Type - All Skin
Feel of Use – Quick Absorption / Non-sticky
Color – Yellowish Dark Green
Formulation – Oil
Fragrance – Contains a singular odor
Caution – Please be careful because it may sting your eyes if you use it close to your eyes

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